Sabiha Basrai, 她/, Art Director: A graduate of the Art and Design program at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Sabiha focused her academic career on the history of anti-war poster art and visual strategies for social justice organizing. She is Co-Coordinator of the Alliance of South Asians Taking Action where she works with racial justice organizers to fight against Islamophobia. Sabiha is also a member of the Center for Political Education’s Advisory Board and a part-time faculty member in the University of San Francisco’s Department of Art & 体系结构.

Josh Warren-White 他/他, Graphic Designer: Josh is a long-time social justice organizer and graphic 设计er. 设计行动之前, he freelanced as a 设计er for social justice organizations across the US. Josh has also worked as a community organizer, dedicated to economic and racial justice issues. 他曾担任奥克兰正义事业组织的老伟德官方人员, 催化剂项目, 正义与发展党新闻, 并拥有政治学和社区组织学的学士学位.

莎拉•赖利 她/她,Web开发人员: Sarah is a graduate of Miami University and studied multimedia 设计 at SF State. Prior to web programming she was a video documentarian and has worked on films chronicling social movements and issues of environmental justice. 莎拉是东湖正义联盟的成员

艾薇Climacosa, 她/她,艺术总监:出生于菲律宾. 在湾区长大. Organized with and supported several organizations in the Filipino and other anti-imperialist communities since early 2000s.

安德里亚·萨拉查 她/她,Web开发人员: Andrea earned a degree in Computer Systems Engineering from Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira in Colombia. 在加入设计行动之前, she worked as a freelance web developer for six years — specializing in database and open source content management systems. She is committed to the social justice movement and is passionate about issues of immigrant rights. Andrea is also excited to connect with and support other women of color programmers and developers.

杰克德, 他/他, Graphic Designer/Video Editor: A graduate of Laney College’s Applied Graphic Design and Digital Imaging program, Jack’s interest in 设计 actually started during his previous career as a non-profit youth worker, 在那里他不得不偶尔制作项目手册, 活动传单, 和其他印刷材料. He sometimes moonlights as the hip hop artist known as “Kiwi” of beloved Filipino rap group Native Guns. He enjoys dinners with loved ones, competitive barebow archery, and abolishing the U.carceral系统. 在洛杉矶韩国城长大, 近二十年来,杰克一直把旧金山湾区当成自己的家.

维多利亚, 她/, Operations Coordinator: Victoria is Design Action’s first ever Ops Coordinator and does a bit of everything, 这符合她不同的写作背景, 设计, 管理, 和教学老伟德官方. She spends much of her free time organizing to promote participatory budgeting in Oakland with the Community Democracy Project. The rest of her time is spent  reading and writing speculative fiction to put her MFA from Temple University to good use.

莱利, 他们/, Graphic Designer: Riley has worked professionally as a graphic 设计er and illustrator for a broad range of nonprofit and social justice organizations for the past 7 years. 在伯克利出生和长大, 加州, they hold an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design and Illustration from Salt Lake Community College. 莱利目前的组织老伟德官方主要是废除警察和监狱, and they are especially interested in fighting against injustices related to the intersections of incarceration and gender. 他们热衷于用艺术作为一种工具来对抗白人至上主义, 资本主义, and cis-hetero-patriarchy; and about autonomous organizing to support collective liberation in all its forms.

快乐Liu-Trujillo, 她/, 伟德官方师:在过去的20年里,Joy一直与创意人员合作, 当地的小型企业, and organizations dedicated to social justice as a 设计er for both print and web. 设计行动之前, 她是一名厨师, baker and bartender; served as interim creative director of 连字符 magazine; and helped resurrect Womanist日报 在米尔斯学院,她创造了一个叫做 有色女性艺术研究 & 文化的阻力.

米格尔瓦伦西亚, 他们/他们,Web开发人员:九型线的粉丝,并且是引导的第9型. 想要建立一种可访问且有意义的技术. 赞赏废奴主义者和残障正义组织的思想. 梦想着一个权力共享、人人关心的世界. 拆除、变更、构建.

弗兰基Ortanez, 他们/, 项目经理:在旧金山湾区出生长大, Frankie graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a Bachelor of Arts in Film + Digital Media. Frankies organizing work is currently focused on amplifying the calls to action of indigenous communities in Southern Philippines in their struggle to reclaim their ancestral lands. They organize with the intention of bridging those struggles locally through their experience with Bay Area-based prison abolition and anti-deportation organizing work as they firmly believe all struggles are intertwined. They are passionate about collective liberation and the return of land to its original stewards; they are most influenced by indigenous landback movements and the Black Radical tradition; and they believe in transformative justice as a tool for both community healing and building in opposition to the prison industrial complex. In their spare time, they are an amateur powerlifter and a not-so-amatuer home cook. 或者,反过来.

默娜罗萨莱斯, 他们/, 视觉设计师:好几年了, Myrna has honed in on visual communications to share integral narratives about social-based issue areas and cultural movements. Their innate passion for 设计 is connected to an empathetic recognition – from an early age – that some people have access to essential resources and a sense of well-being while others problematically do not. This duality is the foundation for Myrna’s work: celebrating and energizing community through applied art while creating resources and visibility to radical social justice, 可持续和公平的制度, 与根深蒂固的文化模式和行业粉饰作斗争. 一个天生的讲故事的人和永远的学生, they approach innovative and contemporary 设计 to nurture and grow community and contribute to the liberation and fulfillment of people’s humanity.

伟德官方师凯姆·托马斯(& 创始成员)
Gopal Dayaneni,战略传播
Amy Woloszyn,伟德官方师
Erika DiVivo,伟德官方师
Daniel Owens, Web开发人员
Nadia Khastagir,伟德官方师& 创始成员)
Poonam Whabi,伟德官方师
伟德官方师Innosanto Nagara (& 创始成员)
Bill Hogan, Web开发人员
Ria, Web开发人员和伟德官方师

Sabiha Basrai,加州州立理工大学,2004年